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The Department of Information Technologies (Katedra informačních technologií), at the University of Economics, Prague (Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze) is a leading scientific and educational department in the Czech Republic focusing on applied informatics.

The academic staff of the Department includes 5 professors, 4 associate professors, 18 assistant professors and more than 20 PhD students and external collaborators.

Our main objective is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of research and applications and of information technology. The Department carries out a number of activities in education, science and research to achieve this objective.

The Department runs courses in Applied Informatics degree program. The programme follows European Union standards and is structured into three tiers:

  • Bachelor Degree: basic level of IT education taught in cooperation with the Department of Information Systems Analysis and the Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering. After graduating from this programme, the students are able to begin their professional career as application developers, webmasters, and network administrators or continue their studies for a master degree.
  • Master Degree:
    • Information Systems and Technology – prepares specialists and managers in the field of informatics for job roles that include business analyst, IT manager, project manager, IT architect, system integrator, IT consultant, IT sales  and services.
    • Cognitive Science – graduate are prepared for job positions that include business analyst, manager of the development, business development manager and manager of research and development in IT.
  • Doctoral Degree:  in Informatics provides training for researchers in the field of informatics.

Research activities of the Department focus on methodologies for development, operation and management of information systems. Our methodologies are verified in practice and have been applied in numerous organizations. Books written by the members of department are used as standard textbooks  at a number of universities in the Czech Republic. Members of the department are actively involved in many national and international organizations, including CSSI, SSSI, FITPRO, IFIP, and IRMA (Information Resources Management Association).