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Activities and partners

Academic staff of the Department of the Information Technologies combine their teaching and research activities with practice. This involves the  participation of academic staff in organizations such as the Association for Information Society, the Working Group ISO / IEC JTC1 Bc7, that  prepares  new versions of ISO 9000 standards for software products (for example new version of ISO 9126 – Software quality characteristics and metrics), etc.

In addition, individual staff of DIT are members of  conference program and organization committees, both local and international, including the International Conference on Systems Integration, Software Creation, Objects, Datasem, SCI – Systemics, Computation, Informatics, ECIS (European Conference of Information Systems), ISD (Information Systems Development – Methods &Tools), Theory & Practice, EDI Sympozia, Business Information Systems, BIT World, IFIP WG 8.2 Working Conference, and many others.
Also, many members of staff are members of editorial boards, including the Blue Rose, Journal of System Integration, JGIM (Journal of Global Information Management, a publication of IDEA GROUP PUBLISHING), etc.