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Expert Services

The members of DIT are involved in providing expert advice and collaborate with industry on projects in the following areas:

  • providing overall conceptual framework for information systems and information strategy advice,
  • reengineering of business processes,
  • system integration and comprehensive information management,
  • outsourcing of IS / IT
  • contractual support for outsourcing and systems integration,
  • metrics for information services, metrics evaluation and planning,
  • analysis and project management for CRM (Customer Relationship Management),
  • business intelligence analysis and business intelligence projects,
  • tendering for IS/IT products and services,
  • assistance with management of  information systems,
  • audit of information systems,

Expert services are provided through external partners, in particular through the consulting company ITG, Ltd. Market research activities evaluating products and services in IS / IT are conducted in cooperation with the Czech Society for Systems Integration (CSSI). The analyses of results of surveys are made available via the Journal of Systems Integration published by CSSI.