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MSc Information systems and technology (major)

Master degree study includes major and minor specializations. One of the main specializations of the master degree in the area of Applied Informatics is a field of Information Systems and Technology. This course aims to prepare IT specialists who are able to design, implement, operate and manage information systems for various types of private and government organizations.

Entrance requirements

This master degree follows from the BSc of Informatics degree and the graduates of the BSc course are admitted without an entrance examinations.

Graduates of bachelor courses from other faculties at University of Economic, Prague or from other universities are admitted to the MSc course on the basis of entrance examinations.

Characteristics of the study area

Students of this course will gain extensive skills and in-depth knowledge that will ensure their ability to compete with graduates of overseas universities in the global market for IT skills.

The global job market needs IT experts with knowledge and skills that correspond to the current needs of organizations, and with knowledge of management, economics, commerce and law. The curriculum structure complies with international standards in informatics (Computing Curricula 2004, IS 2002-Model Curriculum and Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programmes in IS and SE2004), and at the same time it  maintains the advantages associated with study at The University of Economics, Prague,  i.e. the combination of knowledge of informatics, economy and law.

Attaining knowledge in the field of informatics involves learning methods and tools for the development and operation of complex information systems, electronic business and mobile applications.

Students learn how to develop an effective information systems strategy, optimize business processes, design information services that support business processes, design application and technology architectures, design and implement enterprise applications, manage projects, services and processes and analyze the effectiveness of different outsourcing options.

All subjects include invited lectures by industry experts to give the students the widest possible perspective on IS / ICT.  Several subjects are taught in English and provide an opportunity to improve English skills.

Target professions for the graduates of this course include business analyst, business consultant, architect, manager of application development, systems integrator, project manager, operations manager, manager of corporate IS and  IS / ICT sales manager. Graduates are equipped with both theoretical background and essential practical experience in each of the above professions.

The best students are given an opportunity to participate in our research programs, or in collaborative projects with industry partners that include IBM, HP, SAP, Microsoft, SUN, Oracle, and Sybase. The best graduates are offered the opportunity to continue their study in the doctoral programme.

Final State Examination

The Master programme is concluded with the Final State Examination. The Final State Examination consists of three components:

  • State examination in the field Information Systems and Technology
  • Defence of the Diploma Thesis and
  • State examination of the minor specialization.