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Nabídka dvou a víceletých pobytů pro studenty magisterského a doktorského studia v rámci programu BSRD (Study and Research at Dongguk University) for Excellent Foreign Students, Seoul, Jižní Korea

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Pro studenty magisterského a doktorského studia je k dispozici nabídka dvou a víceletých pobytů v rámci programu BSRD (Study and Research at Dongguk University) for Excellent Foreign Students, Seoul, Jižní Korea.

Termín a uzávěrka přihlášek: 11. prosince 2009

SRD (Study and Research at Dongguk University) for Excellent Foreign Students

2010 Spring application for SRD (Study and Research at Dongguk University) for foreign students has released.

Dongguk University is looking for excellent students from all corners of the world to join this program for higher education at the academic hub of Asia. SRD program is a global initiative that selects and educates promising international students at graduate level, with an aim to nurture them into top professionals and global leaders of the 21st century.

SRD program is a scholarship programs in College of Engineering, Dongguk University and offers full tuition fee and a point of living expenses through SRD programs for 2 to 4 academic years. This program is scheduled to recruit about 50 students each year in College of Engineering and offered for Graduated programs in 8 departments. For Graduate students, Dongguk University offers a world-class education and a wealth of extraordinary opportunities that only Dongguk University can offer.

Dongguk University welcomes students from variety of backgrounds and recognizes that international students provide diverse perspectives and contribute to dynamic learning atmosphere. Award decisions are based on the applicant’s academic achievements and potential as well as their personal accomplishments. Records of past studies, a study plan, recommendation letter and other achievement records as well as specific qualification such as language proficiency, are all taken into consideration.

Dongguk University would like your cooperation to give our SRD program information to students who like to have great opportunity. The following address http://eengineering.dongguk.edu/ is website address for College of Engineering and students can find more information about our university.

For application students need to apply his/her application at the SRD website http://eengineering.dongguk.edu/srd/index.htm.
The application will be start from on 23rd November, 2009 ~ 11st December, 2009.
Please contact office of Administration, College of Engineering, for more information about the application or other aspects of the admissions process.

Office of Administration
Tel: +82-2-2260-3863
Fax: +82-2-2260-8898
Email: eng@dongguk.edu

Dongguk University is looking forward to see great student in Spring 2010.

Best Regards

Euy Soo Lee Professor
Dean of the College of Engineering